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180 Day Devotional for Signature Living


 180DD_Front Cover
Living your signature life requires your mind to be renewed to who God says you are, what God said you can do, where God said you can go, what God says you have and who He has specifically assigned you to serve in life.
It is the word of God that transforms us from the inside, out —so that we will prove what is His good, perfect and acceptable will for our lives.
Each day that you read through the pages of this book, allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you specifically concerning your life and what good works He has prepared for you to do as you gain more knowledge of who He is and who He has made you to be.
Enjoy the Signature Life you were born to live!
Price:  $15.99

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50 Keys to Reach Your Destiny: Leadership and Performance Based Principles for Life

50 Keys 3
Discover how to access your divine destiny by recognizing and tapping the potential that God has placed in you from before the foundation of the world. Find out what power keys, relational keys and generational keys are and how they are to be instrumentally utilized by you in accessing doors and opportunities for you to live your best life and inherit the promises God has ordained for you!
Make the switch from merely existing, day to day to high-quality abundant living as you fulfill your unique God-given purpose and reach your God ordained, divine destiny!
You hold the keys to unlock your God ordained divine destiny –unlock it Today!
Price:  $20.99


Precision Purpose: Enjoying the Signature Life You Were Born to Live







Discover the Signature Life you were born to live in Osazee O. Thompson’s new release entitled Precision Purpose: Enjoying the Signature Life You Were Born to Live! In this book you will discover how to identify your unique purpose, learn the true meaning of destiny, be empowered to accomplish your life goals, be instructed on how to build your esteem and self-image and much more!

Price:  $15.99

New Normal Webinar REPLAY GraphicHow to adjust in times of uncertainty, creative ways to reinvent yourself and thrive in a failing economy.

About this Event

This webinar will identify:

– how to adjust in times of uncertainty, creative ways to reinvent yourself and thrive in a failing economy;

– a new way of doing business as the old ways of doing business are rapidly diminishing and the socioeconomic climate is shifting ;

– your ability to keep up and redefine who you are , tapping your potential , creating a product or service to serve a market and become profitable.

– Understanding the fact the you cannot depend on your job but you must learn to become self-sustainable, producing from the inside, out.

Price:  $39.00