Our team understands what it means to be a leader. The choices required in a leadership role will result in prosperity or ruin. Don’t leave such clout-carrying decisions to chance. Our leadership trainings will develop your leaders to make your business run as effectively as possible.

Leadership Development

Staff development, leadership lectures, training’s, seminars and workshops remain true to their mission in providing efficient, quality and sound instruction to improve the intrinsic performance of all businesses and organizations that we serve.

Customer service and professional development are two areas that cause companies to stand out. We offer corporate trainings, workshops and seminars that are guaranteed to inspire, educate and train those who participate from C-level executives to front-line personnel.

Precision Purpose has become synonymous with leadership innovation. We place a high value and bold focus on empowering and building personnel, upper management and executive level clients.

Our services are designed to meet and exceed all of our clients’ expectations by training and educating them on how to deliver exceptional quality customer service and meeting a high standard of professionalism.

Customer Service and Professional Development Training

We assist our clients with developing and implementing procedures, coach executives, train staff and employees, develop leaders and impart a sense of purpose as we collaborate with you to provide direction for your organization.

After all of our sessions we desire to achieve at each level the following four outcomes.

  • Create solutions
  • Improve efficiency
  • Complete all assignments with excellence
  • Reduce waste in your personal life or organization

As always, we are excited to participate in your advancement and profitability in life!

Precision Purpose Training ℠

Precision Purpose Training ℠ is a series of professional training workshops designed to produce notable results for entrepreneurs, forward thinking professionals and all respective leaders by expanding their capacity and increasing their profitability.

Our Training Workshops

We offer high-performance trainings.  These training workshops will equip you and your team with:

  • Discovering and utilizing your teams potential
  • Developing your Signature brand
  • Keys to discovering your unique purpose in life
  • Coaching insights to achieving your goals
  • Confidence and self-esteem building techniques
  • Professional coaching skills & techniques training
  • Leadership development & team building skills training
  • Effective communications skills training

1. 4-weeks PRECISION PURPOSE ℠ Signature Living Course

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2. 4-weeks PRECISION PURPOSE ℠ Entrepreneur bootcamp
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Our Coaching & Consulting Services

  • Executive Coaching

    Professional coaching for business owners and C-level executive clients with a primary focus on increasing their capacity and performance, setting and achieving their aspirational goals, growing as a leader and increasing profitability for their respective company/organization.

  • Leadership Development

    Focuses on developing character, integrity and attitude within the respective leader which will result in them having greater influence with their team and deriving respect from their peers.

  • Leadership Management

    Focuses on management and stewardship as a leader. Instructions on how to delegate and know the strengths and weaknesses amongst the ranks of your respective subordinates.

  • Leadership Training

    Focuses on modeling and replicating yourself amongst your team, team building, establishing team effectiveness, influencing others, training the trainer and establishing sufficient credibility in your leadership platform.

  • Business Plan Coaching

    After you have developed your plan now you need coaching during the implementation and execution of your plan. We are here to help you see results and achieve your desired goals.

  • Business Strategy

    Starting a business has its challenges but as you grow in business you meet greater challenges and your performance may be impacted, and that’s where we thrive in helping our clients solve problems and get solutions..

  • Customer Service Training

    News of bad customer service reaches the ears of more than twice that of praise for a good customer experience of your business. Our customer service skills’ training is designed thave your customers singing your praise.

  • Professional Dev Training

    From creating personal mission and vision statements to developing your emotional intelligence and establishing a growth plan for yourself, we’ll help you become the person you desire to be and achieve the goals you desire to reach.

  • Business Consulting

    Relationship, relationship, relationships —just as in life, relationships are essential in ones learning, growing and achieving, so it is in business. Relationships are fundamental to doing good business and we’ll show you how to establish mutually beneficial relationships ethically and honestly to increase your influence and effectiveness.




So, what is Coaching? Coaching is a term originally meaning “carriage”. The first use of the term coaching meant an instructor, trainer or a tutor who “carries” a student through an exam. Coaching thus has been used to describe the process of transporting people from where they are, to where they want to be.


A primary role in coaching is effectively training our clients in how to manage their life, career or business efficiently. It is helping our clients to identify the skills and capabilities that are within them and enabling them to use them to the best of their ability. It is simply making sure that our clients do what they know they should be doing. Training also entails teaching our clients to do what they don’t know how to do. It is the acquisition of knowledge, skill and competencies as a result of our training. The training that we provide is at its core designed to improve our clients’ capabilities, capacity and performances.

In addition to the basic training required for any occupation, profession or trade. Industry trade observers of the labor-market recognized as of 2008 the need to continue training beyond initial qualifications in order to maintain, upgrade and update skills throughout working life of professionals. People within many professions and occupations may refer to this sort of training as professional development.

Our professional development training is world-class and designed to target the mediocre and under-performing professionals and transform them into high-efficiency, high-morale and performance-driven professionals.


Mentoring is a process that is always relationship-based and is a system of communicating the character and ethical traits from one person to another or a group.

In this we facilitate workshops that instruct executives and upper-management level staff in modeling high character that will effectively and dramatically improve the culture of their organization, enhance the quality of performance-output and open a vacuum of creativity to increase profitability!

Professional Training workshops held monthly by certified professional life coach Osazee O. Thompson.