Goal Setting and Achievement

In your quest to discover your purpose, do not lose sight of your primary goal ---that is to achieve success in what you were born to do. Studies reveal that less than 20% of people ever set goals and only about 18% of those who do set goals ever accomplish them. I am convinced that as more people become aware of their unique purpose and celebrate their gifting's, we'll see more problems being solved, more lives will be fulfilled and more people will prosper.

Osazee O. Thompson


S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting S. Simply put each goal has to be SPECIFIC. M. Make certain that the goal is MEASURABLE, if you cannot measure the goal it cannot be managed. A. All goals must be ATTAINABLE, never set yourself up for Learn more

No Time To Lose!

  This year is moving by fast, let me encourage you to take fast hold of the vision that you had at the beginning of the year. Begin to refocus on your top priorities and if you have sat your Learn more
Expect Results!

Expect Results!

Seeing results in your life has to do with taking charge and responsibility for the life you have been given. In a blaming society, many become comfortable with failure or loss as long as there is someone or something to Learn more

Stepping Out In Purpose

It is interesting to note that throughout the world there are many people representing all cultures, nationalities and walks of life that have some awareness of their unique purpose but they do not go any  further than simply being aware Learn more