Professional Life Coaching

Life & Goal Performance Coaching

Hourly professional coaching session designed to identify your goal(s), create a practical action plan and provide the client with the knowledge and strategies to accomplish their goals and overcome obstacles.

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Your initial discovery call is complimentary!

Hourly rate is $147. (À la cart sessions)

Packages are as follows: includes four (4) one-hour sessions per month via conference call/web conference/face-to-face (choose your preference).

I. A Step In The Right Direction
One month – $500 (deposit of $250 to begin)


II. Looking For Results
Quarterly (3 months) – $1,500 (deposit of $499 to begin)



Corporate Lunch and Learn Program

PPT_Lunch n Learn image-2016

We understand the value and tremendous benefit of corporate wellness programs and we believe our lunch and learns are an investment back into your company that will produce great returns in the form of improved productivity from your staff, increase in employee performance,  heightened team morale and a refined sense of purpose in the workplace.

For packages and pricing details, call (312) 337-8469

Self-Publishing Author and E-Book Coaching



Learn the process of self-publishing your own book and discover resources to assist you with marketing your book globally. 


-The content creation and development process

-Copyright process

-Securing your ISBN(s) 

-Proofreading & editing resources

-What to look for in your book printer

-Creating your eBook

Included: Self-publisher’s Guide Manual with Resource list plus 2-30minute coaching sessions.

Price: $49.00

Self-publisher’s Guide Manual with Resource list only:

Price: $25.00

Business Coaching and Professional Content Development

Our business coaching is designed to provide solutions to entrepreneurs and CEO’s by assessing their company and business model to identify gaps and inefficiencies, each coaching session will create strategies for positioning and implementing the clients’ product/service into the market, identify KPI’s, develop their business goal(s), professional content development and action plan to result in greater profitability.

It’s time to get your plan written on paper and executed. Start today!

Price: $499.00 (deposit of $250 to begin)





50 Keys to Reach Your Destiny: Leadership and Performance Based Principles for Life

50 Keys 3
Discover how to access your divine destiny by recognizing and tapping the potential that God has placed in you from before the foundation of the world. Find out what power keys, relational keys and generational keys are and how they are to be instrumentally utilized by you in accessing doors and opportunities for you to live your best life and inherit the promises God has ordained for you!
Make the switch from merely existing, day to day to high-quality abundant living as you fulfill your unique God-given purpose and reach your God ordained, divine destiny!
You hold the keys to unlock your God ordained divine destiny –unlock it Today!
Price:  $20.99

Why Me: Discovering My Purpose


The Why Me: Discovering My Purpose Workbook is intended to guide you through a system of self-discovery.

This is a must have workbook. In this workbook you will discover what purpose is, how to discover your specific unique purpose, how to build your image and self-esteem as well as how to begin to live a purpose-filled life!

Price:  $19.99

Leadership: Properties You Should Possess

If you believe that you are a leader and desire to be a better and more efficient leader at home, among your family, at work, in your business or simply personally to operate at a greater level of discipline, then this workbook is for you!


Leadership is essential in the course of life. If there is no leader, a family, organization or nation cannot advance. In this workbook you will have the opportunity to identify some key areas of leadership that will help you to increase your capacity as a leader and catapult your level of effectiveness!

Price:  $19.99

Precision Purpose: Enjoying The Signature Life You Were Born to Live

Discover the Signature Life you were born to live in Osazee O. Thompson’s new release entitled Precision Purpose: Enjoying the Signature Life You Were Born to Live! In this book you will discover how to identify your unique purpose, learn the true meaning of destiny, be empowered to accomplish your life goals, be instructed on how to build your esteem and self-image and much more!

Price:  $15.99


Master Business Plan Manual

This business plan manual is designed to assist you in writing your own business plan. Inside this manual contains all the major tenets found in a business plan. This detailed manual takes you step by step through the planning process and poses the necessary questions to create a well thought out and definitive business plan.

Price:  $35.99






The Signature Living Academy is a community of winners! The academy is structured to empower the participant to identify their unique gifting’s, recognize their full potential, express their creativity, experience intrinsic enlightenment, gain greater knowledge of themselves and their responsibility to add value to others and contribute to society.

Primary Objective 

The primary of the Academy is to assist the participant in Actualizing their Purpose, Unlocking their Destiny, Meeting their Goals and Developing Transformational Leaders.


The Mission

To equip, train and empower entrepreneurs, forward thinking professionals and leaders to master their gifting’s, abilities and skill-sets, to dominate their industries and spheres of influence.


Added Value & Benefits:

Learn how to turn your passion into a Profit!

Strengths/Aptitude assessment scoring tool!

1:1 Access to live professional coaching!

Weekly mastermind conference calls!

Positive peer accountability!

Transformational leadership development!

Launch strategies!

Also, Discover:

  • Three indicators to discover your purpose
  • How to develop a positive self-image
  • How to be more confident and build good self-esteem
  • How to set and meet goals as a visionary leader
  • How to effectively navigate the way to your respective wealthy place
  • Business models that will fit your plan
  • Telling your story
  • Marketing and Effective Communication to your market
  • How to achieve Signature Living!


Participants can expect to:

Break down barriers of entry into your Destiny   |   Demolish fears   |   Eradicate negative limiting beliefs about yourself and your abilities   |   Tap into the resources in a community of like-minded winners

Each weekly speaker/presenter in the Academy are “Subject Matter Mentors”.

Weekly web mentoring for 30-45 minutes, from the subject matter mentors knowledge/experiences as an added resource to your growth and development in life, both personally and professionally.

Below is a list of the weekly topics/subject matters that will be featured in the Academy.

Goal-Setting & Achievement

Strategic planning

Personal finances

Time management


Personal worth & positive self-esteem


Building capacity

Giving & the law of reciprocity



Product / service development (the gift in you)

Selling your story

Crafting your personal brand

Understanding your financial statements

Building a team

Managing you a team

Talent modeling

Relationship management


Married life

Work/life balance



Marketing mix (the 5 p’s)


Confronting your fears

This is a subscription based model with a monthly fee of only $24.99 per month. 

Join Today $24.99 monthly